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RoAF MiG-29 Fulcrum-C Zvezda 1:72

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Hello everyone

I start a new adventure with the MiG - 29 ( 9-13) Zvezda in 72 , kit of which you speak so good and who, at first sight of the sprue , it seems to respect the words expenses. We will see later , in the assembly phase if it is an easy build. As my usual , I'm not worried about the size and panels .

Soon I will put pictures box / sprue / chosen subject .



Fonte: http://www.cartula.ro

sprue :



Subject : the only one 9-13 among the Romanian MiG's(all MiG - 29A ) - the " 53 " - former Moldavian bort 01, arrived in 1992 in base of a debt payment from the Republic of Moldova to the Romanian authorities .


Source : http://www.airwar.ru

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First pieces to be glued: landing gear wells, not bad but all the electric cables are missing


Same story on the front: it could be detailed with some scratch work



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With little attention to the whole front part, the alignment is more than decent.

Instead , the wing tips , with all my care, have left signs that you may be filled and sanded it, but so you lose all the detail ( very fine by the way)

A middle way between the branded excavations Airfix (new tool ) , and this negative very fine would have been ideal .

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I did not know Romania had 9-13s. Very cool!

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Good going sven,


It's interesting to see the Zvezda kit being built. Looks as though you've tamed the seams on the wingtips and engine nacelles/trunking nicely - hope to see more of your progress.





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