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Boeing Vertol 234LR British Airways G-BISP

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A place holder for now. This has been shouting at me from the stash and although I have quite a lot on the bench and not enough time as it is, and I thought why not add another. I've been wanting to build a civvie chinook for a while and this GB is perfect. I can always build it out with the GB; but I quite enjoy taking part in GB's and I've got until November which should hopefully be enough time.

I'll be attempting to build a civvie chinook (Boeing Vertol model 234LR in British Airway livery). I'm pretty sure this type of aircraft would be allowed?

They where used to transport rig workers to the further reaches of the North Sea way before my time. A few guys I work with remember flying to the Brent field in these. Incidentally, I'm building an AB212 Bristows chopper that was based around the Brent field...

Kit will be the italeri 1/72 MH-47E kit with the whirlybirds conversion set. Also, some Eduard PE and CMK cockpit set. The photo below includes the whirlybirds interior set as well but I think I will give this a miss for the GB as I know what I'm like and I'll get bogged down on the details. So, this one will be built with the airstair door closed but I plan to build another, in time, which will include the interior.

photo of the bits


Whirlybirds decal placement / instructions


and a photo of the real thing.


Hope to start soon. May get a chance to start the cockpit in the near future.



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Thank you very much folks

That looks very good. We're did you get the decals.

The decals are from the Whirlybird conversion set (I think I ordered them from aviationmegastore a while ago).

Red undersides?! That is a nice change. Didn't the majority of the fleet have the standard blue underside?


I'm not entirely sure Jeff? I've only seen photos of the BA chinooks with red undersides. The BA 212 (twin Hueys) and S-61N also had a red underside, could be that the helicopter fleet operated as a separate company? I think they began as BEA, then changed to BA helicopters then changed to British caledonia Helicopters then bought by Brintel (British international Helicopters). Someone could correct me.

My Vignette GB base is drying after primer and my two hueys have also received some primer so I didn't really have much else to do last night so opened this up and thought I'd start and see how I got on.

Cockpit replaced with CMK set, still a bit to do.


the main difference with this chinook are the larger sponsons and of course the windows (the latter are supplied in the whirlybird set and the sponsons are in the italeri kit for the MH-47E version. Relatively easy task to accomplish although I did manage to injure myself. :oops:




dry fit


thanks for looking



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I'll follow along. I have exactly the same collection of bits in the stash and was going to stick them together for this GB, but we all know that that won't happen. Lots of photos and words please, I'll use your build as a primer for mine (if I ever get to it!)

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Hi Ray & Rob.

I've made a little progress. The cockpit has been assembled and painted (although no detailing done). The resin Window sections have been glued in place and I'm trying to sand back and blend the pieces together. I think the cockpit will sit in the wrong place but it won't be noticeable once the canopy is glued on. However, if I was to use the cabin interior set then it would be an issue.

Hope to get a little more done on the cockpit soon.



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This will be rather different and I'm looking forward to more progress.

In an idle moment I googled the registration and found that your subject still exists


A Chinook without sponsons!


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