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This group build has been my main focus for this year and I have given it a lot of thought.

I love the MTO and everything about it, it's probably the part of the war I read/know most about, so this GB was always going to be a tough decision! However I have avoided ny natural impulses to jump to malta with a trio of blue spits and gone for something I don't do often.

I have always liked the following three AC's for their agressive and powerful looks, it must be the big radials strapped to the wings! They looks very American in my eyes, or a least how I see American aircraft looking, fast and powerful! Like class muscle cars.... but in the the sky....

So enough ramble here is the muscles

28744374230_a4bfff6bbe_k.jpgUntitled by robert mulvey, on Flickr

No I did not get the marauder for the 55p woolworths price tag. They are a mixed bag, the italieri one being of the lowest standard out of the three, but the will not be lots of clever rescribe work or detailing. ....I plan to get these finished!

So the options I intend to complete.

B-25 will be my first American airforce build, and in NMF which will be a first for me! Transfers are form the hase boxing of 'bottoms up ii'. This is also a little gift to the wife, she is a yoga teacher and supposedly this is a yoga move!

28410191234_747a78dd7d_k.jpgUntitled by robert mulvey, on Flickr

And she is also a fan of the pin up look on it and the colour.... its cool I am told

28745360800_cdeebb8f6c.jpgbottomsup by robert mulvey, on Flickr

An in game computer generated image off Google

29031560255_fd72801066_b.jpgB25_DSC4312 by robert mulvey, on Flickr

And a better view done by a much better modeller than me on JAM forum!

As ever pictures found on Google but if anyone wants them removed then let me know and they are gone!

Next is the airfix marauder and I must say I am really rather impressed with the amount of detail in this kit, especially considering the age. She will be done as the below SAAF marauder from the hannants Med twins part 1 sheet, which has had the great input of forum member Tony O'toole. Nice work Tony it's a cracking set.

29007442265_5e007f4835_k.jpgUntitled by robert mulvey, on Flickr

28721310750_e7f57ae1d0_k.jpgUntitled by robert mulvey, on Flickr

29007426635_4d3b25756d_k.jpgUntitled by robert mulvey, on Flickr

And then finally it's the revell Boston, the best for detail and the newest out of the lot! It will be built OOB as it comes with a set for a RAF bomber in Italy. ... which is also on the Xtradecals set

29007443765_65e346d949_k.jpgUntitled by robert mulvey, on Flickr

So that's a south African, American and a brit all walk into a group build.... let's see what happens!



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I'm excited to see these get started Rob! The B-25 is my favorite medium bomber of the war, and I'm a sucker for pinups.

The B-26 is also a favorite, and since it's a SAAF subject you've got my attention.

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Hi Rob. Great to see you here. Really looking forward to following your builds! They look like they will be fascinating - they're an interesting collection of kits. :thumbsup::popcorn:

Kind regards,


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Good luck with them 'muscle' planes Rob. 'Yoga move' eh? I'm not a doctor but it looks more like 'Welcome home' to me....

I am told it's an inversion.... I have explained to her that this was not what the chap painting it was thinking...😀 She still picked it as the build for her!

I am apprehensive about this build as I am building three twins. I normally build single engine types and have just failed to meet the ju88 timeline.... Also they all have tricycle undercarriages, I don't build wheels up but maybe I should start....


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  • 2 weeks later...

Aw you`ve nicked two of my subjects,.......brilliant choices all three and I look forward to watching your progress,.....if I can be of any help get in contact,



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So I am starting with the airfix marauder. As I have said this looks a good kit for its age.... however I have now changed this to being a flipping cracking kit not just for its age.

I wanted to spend more time on this but I have had children going to school and coming back vomiting.... especially today. My wife was also supposed to be going out but has not due to now feeling unwell .

Anyway I have done some research on interior colours for this, thinking I would see lots of bronze green or interior green.... but no! I have found that the bomb bay, which I will be modelling open and has a lot of detail, can be aluminium with a lacquer coating or grey like the undersides same for the wheel wells, all depending on the aircraft and where it was made/sent. With no solid evidence I have gone with a silver Bomb bay and wheel wells as i like it more.

The cockpit and crew areas, apart from the tail, were painted none slip black for the floor, silver or actually aluminium painted with clear lacquer for the bulkheads and dark olive green fabric clad walls... I did toy with the idea of pva'ing tissue paper to the walls to represent this but very quickly decided I was just being silly....and painted it dark olive!

Here she is just dry fitted

29257322900_2ce5798e14_k.jpgUntitled by robert mulvey, on Flickr

28922343954_6956d27390_k.jpgUntitled by robert mulvey, on Flickr

29547621855_f9468bd3fe_k.jpgUntitled by robert mulvey, on Flickr

29257696180_9cd209de27_k.jpgUntitled by robert mulvey, on Flickr

Might just need some sanding on the seams but nothing bad. Surface detail on this kit is raised but good and very fine.

Hope to get a bit more time this week and get her closed up! I do want to do a bit or detailed painting and make the rather obvious yellow cushions, also finally use my new wash on the bomb bay


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Wow ,this aircraft had a large bomb bay for its size . Hope every one in your house hold is feeling better .

I thought that, its cavernous! However the payload supplied in the kit is disappointingly small in comparison to the size, or maybe the bombs supplied are under scale. More research I feel....

Thanks and they are feel much better! And touch wood I appear to have missed it.... Now I've said that watch fall ill🙄

Thanks for the nice comments all, wash applied and bits glued, I will update once I have got the cockpit sorted.


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Right then all! I haven't just been kicking back with this, I have still been working at it when ever I can and she is now closed up! 


There was a lot to sort out in there, and I will get pics up tomorrow night.


one thing I must say is that the clear parts are SO thick on this!! The small windows resemble little blocks of ice on the spruce, the cp and nose are ok I suppose but still not great. Oh well it is still a really good kit.



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Here we go then all! 


So after the above most of the interior paintwork was finished and then all of the aluminium paint work was given a nul oil (?) Wash, you know the war hammer one! As Ced has said, it's great just don't let it dry, and it will do that quickly


29533380442_dd9d30fd35_k.jpgUntitled by robert mulvey, on Flickr


29018028824_f15c2b58c9_k.jpgUntitled by robert mulvey, on Flickr


Sorry some of the pictures are not great


29609240246_0407faee38_k.jpgUntitled by robert mulvey, on Flickr


Then it was time to dry fit for the last time again and then start glueing things! Also built up the dorsal turret


29819343495_6ea715f18e_k.jpgUntitled by robert mulvey, on Flickr


29736459561_1e1fa4720d_k.jpgUntitled by robert mulvey, on Flickr


29192986753_006eb70412_k.jpgUntitled by robert mulvey, on Flickr


Also had the paint brush out and clamps to get the rest of the internals painted while I had the chance


29526315440_e2cdcfde36_k.jpgUntitled by robert mulvey, on Flickr


29736369921_16a7ac87da_k.jpgUntitled by robert mulvey, on Flickr


That's the bombs in, one is missing a tail very annoying! Also I don't appear to have taken very good pictures of the cockpit detail (only little yellow cushions were added really)


29819259515_921c67e4f4_k.jpgUntitled by robert mulvey, on Flickr


The rear gunners home


29736398631_1b35965550_k.jpgUntitled by robert mulvey, on Flickr


That appear to be the best I have of the cockpit


29526303440_9144fe82e2_k.jpgUntitled by robert mulvey, on Flickr


And hear she is buttoned up


29783398956_e62e7eb1ea_k.jpgUntitled by robert mulvey, on Flickr


Rear tail planes added! Got a lot done! Feels more now I am writing down...


29706081162_f0d13accee_k.jpgUntitled by robert mulvey, on Flickr


29706065142_043d21cda7_k.jpgUntitled by robert mulvey, on Flickr


The rest of the delicately thin transparencies added ☺..... and that's pretty much where we are.


Oh just found this, bit better



29706138522_57fa8a9b5f_k.jpgUntitled by robert mulvey, on Flickr


Also as you can see from the shot with the canopy on the yellow is very prominent even through an inch of plastic!


Very much enjoying this kit! However the wings will definitely need some filler and the seams will need some work, there was a fair amount of warp in the larger bits so lining up was a bit annoying but it was fine when glued in stages (another learning from a ced build)


Next up is sorting the engines and wheel wells ready for the wings to go on, after that I will probably start the Mitchell and get all three to the priming stage.... let's see how we go.




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Wow, that's a LOT of progress you've made there Rob and she's looking mighty fine!

I assume Mrs M was walking around bare foot? Great to have a carpet monster tamer on hand... can you get the fin in with a pair ow tweezers?

Those seat cushions look nice too - how did you get on with the Milliput?

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