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1/24 scale RAF ground crew figures


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Afternoon, my next planned build is the Airfix 1/24 scale Typhoon. In order to display the engine and cannon detail I intend showing it under maintenance. I've spent days looking for 1/24 scale RAF ground crew figures to no avail. Does such a thing exist or, like many others, will I have to resort to the Tamiya rally pit crew?

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No, they don't exist,

yes, you'll have to use Tamiya [or Fujimi] pit crew

Cheers, kinda though that. Maybe some manufacturer will surprise me before I need them. Mind you, if they are the same sort of price I've seen for 1/24 scale pilots I don't think I'll bother!

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Verlinden does 2.

German pilot here butchered into an "I give up pose' :


And a G.I. pointing and laughing:


Used them here:



German can be found , the GI not so much.

Jimmy Flintstone does a lot of 1/24 figs for the car creeps, but they will def need some 'adjustments'.

The 1/24 Trumpeter kits have some resin figs , prollum is they are all kinda just standing around.

Good luck!

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What I have in mind is one mechanic on a set of steps (prob need to make the steps!) working on the engine and a second mechanic talking with a pilot. I've more or less settled on the pilot figure. Need a few tools and possibly a toolbox as well but that's a different headache!

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