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I have seen models of II (AC) Squadron Tornado GR.1's in winter camo but never a picture of the real thing.

I have seen pictures of Harrier GR.3 and Jaguar GR.1 in winter camp where white replaces green.

I have seen pictures of Jaguar GR.? in winter camp painted 'fishnet' over the tactical green grey scheme.

I have seen HC.4 Commando's in white and a fishnet style and a tiger stripe style scheme over green.

Question (calling all Lineys!)

Are these the only types to sport winter camo or did other types wear it too?

Is there an official line on winter camp or is it applied ad-hoc before Norway exercises?

When did it start or stop. Mid to late 80's seems to be the hey day for it.


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Thank you.

Another variation, white & green.

It seems that there are few rules about winter camo. :-)

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Number 1 (F) Squadron applied temporary white camouflage to some of their grey Harrier GR Mk.7s which were deployed to Norway in January 2004 during exercise Snow Falcon - I don't remember seeing the scheme being worn by any types after that date.

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There are images of Shiny Two Tornados on both Airliners & Airfighters.com in winter camo -

Puma has received the winter treatment, completely all over White back in the late 70s when I was based at Odiham, - 33 Sqn

RAF Bucaneers also received a Grey/White scheme during the 1980's - 208 Sqn

1 Sqn applied a very snazy dotted scheme to their GR5 Harriers

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No 4 also applied winter camo to Harrier GR7s.

Both 3 and 4 applied winter camo to Gr3s in Germany (3 applied the white over grey, 4 over green) and 4 also had some T 4s as well. There were also 233 OCU Gr1s and T4.

At least one Royal Marines Gazelle had white applied.

Oh, Jaguar GR3 white disruptive over the MOD95 two greys scheme

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