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Revell 1:72 BAe Hawk T.1. Red Arrow (04921)

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Revell 1:72 BAe Hawk T.1 Red Arrow (04921)


The colour of the plastic (and the resultant flash) aside, a really exceptional fine effort from Revell and the best fitting Hawk in 1:72 I have built.

Given the diesel pipes and oil tank were on a separate runner, I am hoping that other versions are in the pipeline as this model is the go to kit I would get in 1:72 in future.

So here are a few more shots of the finished article, it is brush painted with Humbrol 60 (Scarlet) acrylic paint from one of their small starter pots, detail painting was done with Humbrol Acrylics and Revell Aquacolor. Decals were applied with the aid of Humbrol decalfix and glossed using brush painted Humbrol Clear.







Can I recommend the kit? Absolutely, as stated above it’s the best 1:72 hawk I have built. Here’s hoping that if it re-issued in different schemes that a more natural colour plastic will be used.

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Love it, looks great.


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I've just been asked to build one of these as a commission build for a friend...Great review and reference pics too.


Mine will be gear up, and I'll be looking to adapt a clear acrylic rod for mounting in the tail pipe.

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Hi John,

Great build - I am halfway through this particular model at the moment. Can I ask: did you apply the underside white arrow decal before attaching the flap actuators or did you cut decal and apply after fixing actuators to wing underside?

Many Thanks


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