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Hasegawa 1/48 Fw-190F-8 - Hungarian AF

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I'm in again,

Here goes another Fw-190 GB. Last one I managed to push out two kits from memory but this time likely to only get one done.

The kit:



The aftermarket. Add in an Ultracast seat too:


The decals:


Not my first Hasegawa 190 but certainly not my last. Builds nicely with more detail than the Tamiya kit and therefore more complexity in some areas.

Expect paint to be applied to the cockpit tomorrow night all going well.

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Coming along nicely.





Cockpit is getting sealed up shortly. The wheel bay is done and same with the cowling. Really enjoying it, gotta love an easy and familiar build for a change!

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Main construction already done. Only a few gaps to fill, worst being at the underside wing to fuselage join but nothing a bit of perfect plastic putty won't fix! And engine bits painted up, will be attached tomorrow then it's time for cleaning up of seams before the paint shop.






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Getting there, hope to be complete by the end of the week.







I had all sorts of issues with getting the undercarriage doors to attach😠. 


Canopy is masked, need to attach the bombs, do the canopy internals, boarding ladder, gunsight etc etc and it will be complete.



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