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Messerschmitt Bf 109E Airfix 1:24 (12002)

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Airfix 1:24 Messerschmitt Bf 109E (12002)

Yellow 1, Staffelkapitan Josel “Pips” Priller 6/JG 51 October 1940


I first bought the Airfix 1:24 109 when it first came out and it was well beyond my abilities at the time, it didn’t help that I was unaware of the fit of the engine cowls on the prototype though. After sitting unfinished for many months my mother binned it. I bought it again about 20 years ago, similar situation and this time my wife binned it. So with the third time I was determined to at least finish it.

So here we are, not perfect by any stretch as I made two mistakes. I should have glued the engine to the firewall before I painted it as the join was not strong enough when I fitted the engine and I have had to fix the cowls in place to keep the engine lined up correctly. Secondly I read about the twist on the starboard U/C leg but I presumed this was at the hinge and mine looked ok, only after fitting the wheels did I realise where the issue lay. When making this again I would cut and pin the leg at the correct plane.

I don’t normally go after market or weathering but on this I bought Eduard belt set 23003, as I’m going to work through my 1:24 kits I’ve also bought Airscale instruments dial decals AS24LUFT and AS24RAF and used some of the Luftwaffe set on the instrument panel. The Swastika is from the Xtradecal set X32002 which includes 1:24 and 1:32 crosses, again I have several other kits which will need these additions.

The kit itself is brush finished with Humbrol Enamels with Humbrol acrylics and Revell Aquacolor used for some details. Humbrol Clear applied after painting with a further coat after the decals were applied followed by a coat Humbrol Matcote, again brush painted. Flory models dark dirt and brown washes applied and removed, not used these before and whilst quite happy with the result it’s a technique I will need to practice on a bit I reckon.










Thanks for looking, now where’s that big pony?

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Lovely BF 109E!   Not a complicated kit, but not the easiest to get together properly either - how did you find the main wing joint on your one?





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Very nice - I'm watching The Spadgent building one just now - hopefully I will learn a lot :newb: and bag one before Airfix sell out - they say it is now discontinued :goodjob:

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