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Warhammer 40K Imperial Knight Crusader

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So having finally acquired a kit with the extra sprue for the avenger gattling gun, I can now build up a Knight Crusader - I have the odd warhamemr 40k piece for display and thought this one would be nice to have. Most of my figures are Battle Sisters and I want to try and incorporate it somehow into that collection - Something along the lines of a recovered Knight that one of the Chapters has taken over in a campaign. Still gotta work on that though!!






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Looks cool so far! I found my one in bits while clearing out recently, but I don't know when I'll get back to it.


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Seems I forgot to show further progress, the model is now finished. The photos are before I added the carapace handrails




43035486360_43db954885_h.jpgIMAG3341 by Wayne, on Flickr


43035486610_41271fa680_k.jpgIMG_20171106_142522 by Wayne, on Flickr


44125932434_89c404a6eb_k.jpgIMG_20171106_142529 by Wayne, on Flickr


29910463977_7df18ff815_k.jpgIMG_20171106_142535 by Wayne, on Flickr


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