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Hook down, wheels up, ready to land!

A small tribute to the late Captain Eric Winkle Brown RN and his exploits landing Sea Vampires wheels up on a rubber flexible aircraft carrier deck.




Its an old FROG Vampire, with added hook and fairing, plus lowered flaps.




I considered adding the missing vanes in the intake, but decided life is too short!




The FROG kit is a lot better than my memory suggested with remarkably good fit in most places, plus I managed to get the tail booms reasonably straight and square, despite my hacking away half their supports for the lowered flaps. Canopy fit was also a little suspect, but I think I got away with it !!!





FredT :)

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Good to see the old Frog kit built and not gathering dust. The Vampire looks good in the naval Sky / Grey scheme.

Well Done, Trev.

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A very fine tribute to a very fine gentleman.

You've done a wonderful job with the old Frog kit.

There seems to be a resurgence of building these old kits on BM at the moment and long may it continue.

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A very nice rendition of what was a left-of-field idea in real life. Looks the business on those maritime colours sir. I've one of these in a Heller boxing and wondering what scheme to go for. Seeing this also reminded me of that Frederick Forsyth book 'The Shepherd', which I haven't seen a copy of since the early 80s.

Glad to have seen this Fred, a super build.


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