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DIY Photo light booth from IKEA SKUBB Laundry hampers.


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Here is my attempt at converting a pair of IKEA Skubb Laundry hampers into a photographic light box:

Firs of all, a pair of IKEA Skubb laundry hampers:


Cut the front and back panel out of one hamper, and the front only from the other:



Assemble using clothes pegs, and use white paper for the back drop.


Testing the booth:


Still a bit of tidying up to do, as well as remove the second layer of material from the other side panel. Rather than use the paper as the back drop, I may try and source some different coloured material (white, grey, and blue) to give me the option of different colour backdrops. I may also try and get some brighter lights for lighting the booth.

However not bad for an hours work and two £9 Ikea laundry hampers. Best thing is, remove the clothes pegs, and the hampers fold down for easy storage!

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Yes I like this, great idea.

A great model can be ruined by rubbish pics and decent pics can elevate a mediocre build to the next level. Photography is where its at...

I still just using the kitchen worktop at the moment for my pics :(

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I must admit  I still havent really used the light booth yet, as i'm finding it a bit too wibbly wobbly for my liking.  Plus the metal framework at the sides seem to cast shadows...  So rather than spend any more time on this, I may just buy a photo studio light box thing with lights, seeing as I have a couple of Am@zon vouchers going spare..... 

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