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Building (and correcting?) the Airfix 1:72 North American F-51D Mustang

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I bought this set for three quid at home bargains and decided to start work on it so next post I will have the interior,prop,rockets,bombs and fuel tanks. I hope you will decide to follow this topic and comment because I would really appreciate the support on my first model i'm posting on britmoddeler.

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The P-51s were fighter-bombers in Korea. Given the large internal fuel capacity they wouldn't normally need to carry the tanks.

The tanks were sometimes carried, but not filled with fuel but napalm. In those cases the tanks were sometimes painted a pale yellow.

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What corrections do you intend to do? It has a very good outline shape and a surprisingly good un-cuffed prop*, I used it as basis for my Bob Hoover Cavalier. BTW You have will some serious fun trying paint the uc if its all glued in and don't forget your wing half gaps,

The canopy will either drive you crazy or be a thing of joy depending on how you approach it. My therapist suggested the hasegawa cure ...in the meantime keep up the good work and its not late to do the South American camo version, how cool would that look amongst all the cookie cutter NMF Mustangs?


* I bought a pile for just the props and will shortly be rehoming the donors

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