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Launch 14 - Cooper's Rocket

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that gap in posting was not totally unanticipated.  The storage and move went ok, and I finally got thing out of boxes.  


The project, now has a permanent home (altho a little rough at the moment), with a new support.





The travel damage was not very bad at all, just some railings fell off.  Altho I was slightly shocked and thought I had repaired the Launch Tower.  Apparently not.


It's been in storage for eight months this time.......













I thought I might try to get a poster print of the beach area at the launch site.  Just a generic beach seen with a lot of sky, to tack to the walls.

I will now take some time and get caught up on the repairs, and find all the items that go with this build (in other boxes).  



I'll be back when I find everything and decide what's next.  Thanks for looking!


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Hey Altogether


A slow start to getting back into this build.  I still have outer influences slowing things down, but the build has started again.


Altho I realized that over the course of a few years in storage, and a couple of moves, I have lost some models, but I have managed to find all the items related to this build and have collected everything into one cabinet. 


I'm starting again with a small bit of repair work, and then (mostly) remembering what I was doing.  So to start, I worked a bit with one of the finished deck platforms, and went from there.


This is an already finished deck from befor the moves and storage. 



The tower.


You can see the card cutout decks in this photo.

you can see where the constructed deck lives on the tower.  The bottom deck.



This is looking up the tower.  The already built deck is installed about here.  Above this built deck, are my cereal box cut out patterns, for the next decks up the tower.


This is it.  The first new work on this project in quite some time!


The new frame for the next deck.  I will continue now with building and fitting these as I go up the tower.


Until next time, were I should have a couple of new decks built and installed.

Thanks for looking.

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Hey Everyone,


Slowly getting back on board with this build.  I'm currently working on the platforms on the inside of the service tower.


Befor I could get to placing the first beams of the individual decks, I noticed that, looking at the photos of the real deal,  there seemed to be some sort of unknown objects that blocked light from passing through.  I don't have photos close enough to see exactly what's in the way, so I just placed some panels that block the light as per the photo.


The card patterns for the light block.......




In this photo you can see how the light is blocked, in the central body of the tower, with patterns of openness.  (it's blocked with openness).

I'm guessing that at the actual site, the light blockage is all sorts of items.  Launch control panels, manual pullies and chains, supply closets, coke machines, could be anything really.  I'm choosing to use the flat panels for this because I just don't have the room for anything else.



I just copied the pattern with V-grove siding styrene, and inset them into the tower.


Fresh back from the paint dept.



In this photo you can see how the card patterns will fit, along with the deck patterns, to match what looks like the general pattern of blockage.




I removed all the card patterns for the decks, and got it all ready for new construction. You can see the pile of deck patterns in this photo.



With the fresh painted panels, I mounted these into there proper locations.  The white styrene strips in between the new painted panels, are the back support beams for the individual decks that I have yet to build. Each beam is custom cut and sanded to match the angle of the tower.



With the light blocked by placing panels at random locations,(apparently), I can now start with the individual deck construction.




Up the long ladder.  (for you Star Trek fans).


I have the first three decks built and placed (temp.).  So now just repeat the pattern, all the way up the tower. Only ten more decks to go.


I'll be back.

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Looks good Rich.  Still one of my favourite projects to follow.  There is something about those photos and the light that evokes the age of the space race.  It all seemed so new and exciting

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Hey All,


 More Service Tower construction.  I have finished with the frames of the decks inside the service tower.  Still much to do.


When I built the frame of the service tower, I made sure that I could "plug in" the individual decks.  When you look at the photo here, of the tower, the frame beams are "I" beams that are large enough that I could use a smaller "I" beam for the deck frames and make theses just fit into the large beams of the tower, (that made no sense at all, did it?).




And in this photo you can get an idea of how these decks plug into the tower.




I made a card jig to hold everything, and here you can see the little strips that I used for spacers on each side, as we ascend the tower.  Each deck becomes narrower than the one below.





That's a lot of new decks..........




It all looks good so far. A bit of clean up and fitting, but ready for hand rails and deck flooring.




I still have a ton of thins to take care of with this part of the build.  But for now, it's clean up time and off to the paint shop.


I'll be back with some new decking and hand rails.  Also it's time to consider the Capsule Housing at the top of the tower.


Until next time, don't touch that dial.


P.S.  Todays movie;  "Teenagers From Outer Space".

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It's about time for a short posting today.  


  I have been considering the Capsule Housing for this posting.  I used some scrap to make a card structure as close to what I thought was a reasonable resemblance to the photo.






You can see here that the capsule housing is basically a weather shield to protect the capsule while the staff dose there work.  The big white sliders open and close.


I thought that this was a good start for this part of the build.








Once I got the tower to were I liked it, I set everything into place to check the scale and fit.


Remember that for now, this is just sitting in place and adjustments will be made.




I have enough materials to build this.  I need to get it all just right.  It's starting to look like a construction site.


I'll be back with some more good fun.  Thanks All.

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The last shot is great Rich.  Love seeing the scene around the rocket coming together.  Seeing a rocket on its own just looks a bit odd but you are adding all of the context

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