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Launch 14 - Cooper's Rocket

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I just did a catch up and all I can say is WOW! (And probably fabulous! too)

I've come to the conclusion that you are a Human 3D printer.

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Hi Rich,


great progress with the service tower. top2.gif


What kind of sheet did you use for the walls, is that an Evergreen sheet? smiley215.gif

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HI Manfred,


  When I was looking at the reference photos, I noticed some texture on the sides of the tower.




I wanted to have something with a bit more interest than just flat sheet.


  I chose Evergreen #2040 V-groove sheet.  .040 Spacing (1.0mm) .020 thick (0.5mm) thick. I will also use textured sheet for the inside of the walls.  Just a little texture interest.  I think it looks better anyway.





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Hi Rich,


I know these Evergreen V-Groove sheets, really an awesome stuff, that fits very well. up045518.gif


I think you also know these and similar photos, where one can see these textured sheets on the other sides too,


Mercury-Atlas Rocket on the Launch Pad


or this one.




Just carry on tower building like the Tower of Babel ...  smiley250.gif

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Hi Rich,

I popped in for a catch up and there was a lot to catch up on. Staggeringly awesome work as always. I am totally envious of your detail work. This isn't 'model making' but actual precision engineering. It wouldn't surprise me to find you motorize the whole lot and have a fully working rocket!






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Thanks Guys for looking in on this and leaving great comments!


  The tower is still under construction, but coming along nicely.  I'm still working on the mid section, and still working out the measurements for the interior floors.  I put a liner on the inside walls of the two sides just to make things look cleaner.


  This liner is the same as the outside texture, but with a smaller spacing between the grooves.  Altho it seems not to show up on the photo.






  Once I got the liner installed, it was off to paint.  The next thing to begin considering was the shape and size of the interior floors.  




  The interior floors are a bit of an enigma.  I have a ton of photos of the interior, but nothing up close that shows any detail, and nothing that shows the shape or scale of the floors.  However, by looking at what I do have, and realizing that the interior floors need to go around the rocket (look at Manfred's photo above), but stay flush with the exterior face.  I have come up with an initial design that dose this and still misses the Rocket Transporter.




 You can see that the transporter lifts the rocket into place right down the center.  Sorry for the bad photo...




I'll test my design and move up the tower a few floors and see how things look.  If I can still get the rocket to fit up to the top floors, I might have something.




That's it for now.  Still reaching for plastic stars, Later........

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  I took some time the last couple of days to work on the measurements of the ascending floors for the Service Tower.  Once I got everything worked out around the Transporter Trailer and Rocket, I decided to cut the floors out of card first.  I have several items needing to line up along the front of the tower, and this helps visualize the layout.


A pile of card...my cereal boxes...




In this photo I have cut out the shapes of the floors and the opening for the rocket...




Each floor will have to be custom built.  The only common measurement is the side wall.  Also these pieces are one part.  The "real" floors are made of several parts and handrails.


Here you can see the layout of the floors...




Now that I have established the floors, I have a number of items to add to these floors.  Each floor gets it's own handrails around,  I have a lift arm that fits on the front of each floor, interior walls...I have no photos of the interior walls or what the floors looks like.  This will be covered up by the top of the tower and items in front.  




This is a blast people!  I'll be back with the first floor completed.  Thanks for Looking........


Today's movie:  "20 Million Miles to Earth"  1957

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