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Jamie @ Sovereign Hobbies

Spitfire propellers from Ultracast

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There are many threads and questions about Spitfire propellers and which should be fitted to what mark etc. There are some great references here on Britmodeller already. This post is intended to publicise the different propellers and spinners available for Spitfires in 1/48 scale from Ultracast. All info from Ultracast's own site:

Weybridge 2-blade propeller - Ultracast 48197


This propeller was installed on the first production Spitfires (K9787 to K9863)

De Havilland 3-blade propeller and spinner - Ultracast 48112


This is the prop & spinner mostly commonly associated with the Mk I Spitfire, however this blade was also used on many Mk II's and Mk V's.

Rotol 3-blade propeller and blunt spinner (includes blister for Coffman starter on Mk.II Spits) - Ultracast 48113


This is the prop & spinner most commonly associated with the Mk II Spitfire. This combination was also used on some Mk V's. Check your reference photos for correct prop & spinner.

Rotol 3-blade metal propeller and spinner - Ultracast 48114


This prop & spinner is seen on many Mediterranean and Pacific theatre Spitfire Mk V's. Check your reference photos for correct prop & spinner. Many photos of this combination can be found on the Australian War Memorial website, including photos of Clive Caldwell standing in front of a Spitfire Mk V using these blades. Another very interesting photo can be found on Page 143 of Wings of Fame Vol. 18. This photo shows two Spitfire Mk V's undergoing service on Malta, one Spitfire has the early De Havilland blades, the other has these wider Rotols.

Rotol 3-blade wooden propeller and long spinner - Ultracast 48115


This is the prop & spinner most commonly associated with the Mk V Spitfire. This set contains accurately profiled blades and a detailed spinner.

Mk.IX 4-blade propeller and spinner - Ultracast 48260


Standard fare for Mk.VIII, IX and XVI Spitfires - this set contains more accurately shaped propeller blade tips, and provides missing rivet detail from the otherwise lovely new Eduard kits.

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