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I have a soft spot for the Tucano, I regularly see them zooming around the east coast, over the North Yorks Moors and York. They make a distinctive noise and even my wife doesn't need to see one to know a Tucano is out and about.

I even built a Premier 1/72nd scale one eons ago.

However seeing the 2014 display scheme when passing Linton-on-Ouse made me get off my backside and buy one of Alleycats lovely kits. It really is the complete package, no after market was harmed in the making of this model.


I had three main undercarriage legs in my kit, and no nose wheel leg, I got it replaced by Alec swiftly once we had established communication.


It is a bit of a tail sitter even though I crammed lead shot into all available orifices, I was resigned to having to use a prop, but when I added the i/d light covers it miraculously just balances!



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