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Matchbox1/32 Messerschmitt BF109E.

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Evening all,

Now that my students have broken up for summer it is time for the first build of down time from teaching, marking, assessing and Holistically caring for my teenage brood of monsters. Challenge one is; can a 35 year plus kit be brought up to date? There are techniques that I have wanted to attempt for ages, one is to master the art of brass and resin.

The challenge is on. Update, sand fill scribe and rivet the mighty Matchbox Messerschmitt into an updated 21st Century build

So its Dremel, sanding sticks and filler at the ready. First of all the bits and bobs pictures.





Wish me luck gluers, painters and stickers.I must be mad :banghead::suicide:

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Madness comes in many forms, they say.....

This will be a very cool build thread to follow.

Thanks for sharing with us.


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I have my eyes on a Bf 109 and see one making its way to my bench in the near future so will definitely be following this with interest! Best of luck with it! :thumbsup:

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Been a busy week for a week off, miles to grind out on the mountain bike, decorating and a decent amount of modelling.

Work in progress so far, cockpit done, tons of dry fitting, sanding, fitting again, cutting and more sanding. The same with the radio compartment.

The engine is not being displayed as I intend to have this with the covers on and weathered. The wings are all together and I managed to blank off the wheel wells and not get super glue everywhere.

Radio compartment getting there


Viewed from above


Cockpit after much fettling to fit


Prop after some filling, and shaping the blades to sharpen them up. I think after looking at these pictures I can go some more.


First prime and now sand again and clear out the vanes of the filter.



Blocked the wheel wells, fitted the grilles to the inside of the radiators and made new radiator flaps using the Eduard etch ones, really pleased with those.


I am not displaying the engine, however out of courtesy gave it a coat of black and a quick weather. Would have been remiss not to.

Well so far so good. I intend to get the radio compartment finished tomorrow then zip the body together. Then put on the wings and cowlings, let it dry undercoat and sand back and re prime. This definitely has been a challenge.

Chuck B

Edited by chuckb1

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Day two, let battle commence this afternoon. I am hoping to get the fuselage together this evening. Just been chastised about the state of the work bench in the utility room (half man cave half wife cave)

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Old, good, Matchbox! Prepared potato chips and beer. Good luck!

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Just finished the radio compartment and zipped up the fuselage. Spent the last hour cutting the styrene sheet in fills for the cockpit sills

Time for bed, think the brave pills have worn off.

I will post up pictures tomorrow.

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Hi watchers,

Moved forward today, all the final brass parts fitted, wings and tail planes on and now all primed, rubbed back primed and prepped for chipping. I have to upload the images with the aircraft in silver hopefully tomorrow.

Quite a lot of progress today on this one and a Spitfire MK 1a that has sat on the bench for nearly a year in its primer coat. I have also got that prepped and painted today as well. A productive modelling day on my day off.

Latest pictures, tomorrow morning its out with the Tamiya tape, steel ruler and masking fluid. Then time to bring out the compressor and the IWATA.

Enjoy not so much 50 shades of grey more one shade of grey.



Straightened the cannon, still in two minds to chop it off and use the Master Barrels I have for it.


There was more sanding and filling after this.


That is it for tonight.

Good night fellow painters, gluers and stickers


Edited by chuckb1

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