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Restock and new Combrig items in 1/700 and 1/350

Mike McCabe

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A big restock in the shop today of Combrig ship kits in 1/700 plus lots of new items including 1/350 HMS Tiger, HMS Victoria, HMS Glasgow and French battleship Hoche.

Included in the 1/700 list of new items to the shop are RN battleships Orion, Duncan, Thunderer, Victoria, Ajax, Benbow, cruisers Glasgow, HMAS Australia (both battlecruiser and County class cruiser), HMAS Canberra, monitor Abercrombie. For the French we have Henri IV and Hoche, German pre-dreadnought Kurfuerst Friedrich Wilhelm, Russian Orel and Peresvet or the cold war Kara, Kynda, Kashin, Kresta and Kotlin classes or the projected battleship Sovietsky Soyuz and many more.



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