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Tamiya 1/48 - P-47D Thunderbolt

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Hello again.

After a while I've managed to complete this magnificent aircraft.

The kit itself is a charm. Easy to build, nice fit and no problems whatsoever. Painting it was a bit of fun but nothing hard. Unfortunately I can't make a build without some problems. This time problems with silvering of decals. Weird, because on glossy surface it was absolutely fine, but after putting matt coat half of the decals were silvering:( I've read some forums, tip and advices and followed the one with needle and pucturing the silvered decals and another coat of Sol and Set. Helped a lot, but still I'm not happy to be honest. Some decals basically unfixable..

Build is OOB + Eduard masks.

Anyway, pictures: smile.png












I hope you like it.

Thanks and see you soon!

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That looks marvelous! I can't really see anything wrong with the decals. :goodjob: One trick I employ when checking my decals for silvering is to brush water over them before flat coating. The water will highlight any trouble spots that need attention before the final clear coat. To prevent silvering on my models I brush Future on the spots the decals go and apply the decals after about 10 min. Works well for me at least.

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