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Mercedes Benz W154


Auto Union Type D


Alfa Romeo 12C

Sorry for the dusty pictures.....The parts were covered in fine resin dust! :blush:

I found these irresistible.....Detailed they ain't, fun they definitely are! :thumbsup:

You can buy individual cars direct from Minairons: http://www.minairons.eu/en/64-1-72-scale-racing-cars

I feel a 1938 German Grand Prix coming up.....Up yours Adolf! :fuhrer:

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These look great sarge! Now they are definitely something different. :D

The Auto Union is very cool. Be careful with that resin dust, I've read it can do very nasty things :o

These really lend themselves to many diorama ideas.

Great fun!

Best regards


PS I've just noticed the set is called Racing Cars '1'. I think that may mean Minairons may have another set or two of these planned :hmmm:

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Make sure you get all the rivets in place and lace up some 'real' wheels Sarge. :frantic:

I think all three might fit in my Roller's trunk...... :hmmm:

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I have been looking at things like this:


If I were really going to detail one I'd also need to hollow it out from underneath with a motor-tool and do something about the non-existent cockpit.....But TBH I suspect I'll eventually build them pretty much OOTB just for fun. :winkgrin:

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