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This was finished many months ago but has been gathering dust due to mojo fail. Surprising as it's the best model I have managed to create with my meagre skills so far. WIP is here. Eduard etch IP for the Italeri F-5E used, Quickboost seat and Mr Color paints. Masking was with the very wonderful Panzer putty as shown in the WIP. Decals OOB, worked perfectly except where I was stingy with the Alclad Aqua gloss. Let the show begin:




Eduard IP for Italeri F-5e with interesting paint wipe technique from ARC


Quickboost seat


Seriously pointy pitot made with Albion Alloys micro tube and 0.1mm rod


My best attempt so far doing burnt metal using various Alclad


Messy attempt at CMK light


Properly blue training round


Nose gear success: rim looks vaguely round thanks to Eduard masks


Main gear, washed and mildly weathered. Note short shot gear door, you'd think I would have fixed that wouldn't you?


Nicely polished landing lights - odourless cyano and micromesh


Final beauty shot


Cheers all


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Lovely job. The F-5E is a real looker and your scheme really does it justice.

Edited for spelling.

Edited by Meatbox8
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nimrod54, on 11 Jul 2016 - 4:25 PM, said:

​Great result A, and well worth the wait.

Thanks Nimrod (never though I'd ever type that..), the theory is if I can take on a cheap dog of a kit like this and get a decent result, my large stash of Tamigawas will all turn out to contest winners. Well, as long as the judges guide dog doesn't squeal on me :weep:


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Looks very good!

This kit is terrible and I just finished building one (and the last).

Had many issues trying to get the wings to fit to the fuselage.

Your job is heaps better than mine!



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Thanks for your kind words gents, it was great fun to do and now badly fitting kits with questionable detail hold no fear for me. Mostly though it was about learning three colour complex camo and not getting those horrible paint ridges between colours so nailed that if nothing else.

@Steve, I wouldn't be in rush to get one started, maybe the new Italeri with a bit of rescribing would be simpler in the long run than sticking shims everywhere on this brute! Apparently the HB F-5e was first released by Minihobby as some form of psychological torture for captured modellers until it was banned by the Geneva convention

@Paola AKA Armoredsprue, we have joined together in the common brotherhood of the Hokeyboss F-5e, not even A Model kits can trouble us now..

Now off to look at other WIP, the HB Mig 15UTI, a much nicer kit.


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Good job ,always liked the F5 ,did the Airfix one a few months ago ,got a Kinetic 1/48 kit in the stash.

I wish Airfix would release a new tool F-5E in 1/72nd

Dreaming! :banghead:

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