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1/72 Bandai Tie Fighter

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Hi all!

So this is a project I started at Christmas on a group build on another forums. I didn't get very far because I was finishing off my degree in my spare time around work, and didn't even get time to chuck together a Bandai kit! But, that's all done now and after a month of settling down I've got back to the bench!

So this is what I've been up to over the last day or two:




The cockpit was undercoated in Tamiya rubber black, then painted with German grey, details picked out with True Metal Aluminium oil, then washed with black water based oil paint before decaling and flat coating with Tamiya's excellent flat coat. There was some dry brushing with light greys and silver paint.


He was just painted with Vallejo black paint and lightly dry brushed.


I know Phil Flory on his videos didn't paint these panels, but i thought I would with Tamiya rubber black, and then dry brushed with a few shades of lighter grey before Tamiya flat coat. I was pleased with how they've come out, i was hoping for that dusty kind of look.

The build:


It all comes together so quickly that I've not got many in progress shots!! It just falls together. I did glue the two halves of the main body together as it was quite tight and a couple of the locating plugs got lost in the process.


She's undercoated in Tamiya's XF-82 Ocean Grey. I am intending to go over this in a blue grey from Vallejo, but actually this colour isn't that far off so maybe I won't... time will tell!



I elected to paint all the framing for the black panels separately rather than fit them and mask the panels, but it probably took just as long or longer to do it this way!


I've fitted the clear top part to the model and painted the non-glass bit separately. When the build is finished I'll fit the above bit instead and put windows in with Micro Krystal Klear.

So that's it for the minute. Coming together nicely. I might finish it next weekend as I've got gigs all week, and then onto the Lancaster which is not too far off the painted stage.

Thanks all smile.gif


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Nice progress. The interior looks great with the silver highlights.


Thanks :) I don't think too much of it will be seen if I'm honest, but it was a relatively quick process. I put down the finish colour last night so more to follow soon!

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Looking nice :D

I hear Tamiya's Haze Grey is spot on for the TIE (from one of the films, not sure which). Unfortunately it only comes in a rattle can.


Yes, I have heard this too and it looks a good colour. I'm not using it just because it is in a rattle can and I will repaint my shed in the process if I use one of them! I have painted the Tie fighter with Vallejo 71120 USAF medium grey, which looks a good colour too. It's a grey with that blue hue, possibly a bit too blue actually now she's glossed up for decals, but I'm hoping when I've weathered her with oils and given her a flat coat that will calm down a bit. Pictures to follow, maybe tonight :)

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That's looking fantastic so far. The Tamiya Ocean-Grey you used doesn't seem to be that far off the Haze Grey spray can. At least not on my monitor. Looking forward to seeing the progress.

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Cheers all,

So I got the Vallejo USAF medium grey on and I like the colour. It maybe too blue, but it is that light blue grey I was hoping for.


She has been glossed and decalled in these pics also.


The windscreen frame is XF-54, as is the base.

The next thing I have done is a water-based oil wash, thinned with a water and soap solution.



I have started to remove and blend the oils in the next pic, but it's still slightly too wet if I'm honest.


Please excuse how messy my work area is!

So not a lot more to do; remove the oils, paint the guns red, touch up the panels and flat coat smile.gif



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So, decals are on, glossed:


So, just the matt coat to do and she's finished! In fact she is finished and photographed. Link to follow smile.gif thanks for all your help as always!

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