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Blast from the past - Big Ugly Fat err Fella

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Over the parents today I noticed my old AMT B-52H sitting up on top of a wardrobe in the study. It has been up there for years my dad said as there is no other space for it other than the loft. I built this sometime in the 90's when everything I built was hung from the ceiling. You can see the maybe two decades that have passed by the layer of dust, a complete lack of sanding or filling, decal silvering and various underwing stores missing. Even with its size I would love to build another 1:72 B-52 in the future. Back when this was built I had crazy thoughts of posing it behind my still unbuilt KC-135R. Sorry it has taken so long to post a ready for inspection.



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Thanks for showing us this old gal. I know what you mean about the size problem, built one of the D models in 1972 in Vietnam camo and with all the bombs done up. Had a heck of a time protecting it. Still have another in the box, partially completed over 20 years ago, no place to put it.

My poor, bedraggled 1/72nd B-36 Ficon still hangs (minus her wings), but still sporting her RF-84F fighter, alone and friendless.


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