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Westland Dragonfly - Finished at last. Modeller 1 - Mach2 0

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I started this for the Helicopter Group Build but a combination of circumstances and the sheer amount of work needed with Mach 2 kits meant that I missed finishing it in time. I also lost interest in it for a while as progress was slower than expected. As someone else has said Mach 2 kits are very much 'sand-fill-sand-fill-and repeat'

However, I've got restarted and want to very much finish this early British chopper. I believe, although licensed from Sikorsky, it was the first in a long line of helicopters from Westland's for the Royal Navy. Work so far in the GB can be found here


There isn't that much to do. I had to repaint the demarcation as it wasn't right, paint the canopy, paint the tail rotor and main rotor plates, before final assembly. And de-mask the glazing, which was an absolute nightmare. The glazing not the masking and de-masking.

Here is one side


And the other (with the main rotor blades behind


And a close up of the glazing. This side is not perfect but not too bad. However the other side is not so good. I will live with it though.


I have tidied up all the bits and removed the healthy amount of flash but will leave them off until I've put the transfers on. I think I'll need to dig through the transfers stash and assemble something. I started with the BEA version as currently there isn't an RN version available and I'm not aware of any aftermarket.

Unless anyone knows different.

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Looking forward to this. A very attractive but underkitted aircraft. I still have the Mach 3 Valiant lurking in the stash so I will be interested in seeing how you get on.

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That Seafire looks well impressed,he's got a big toothy grin.

Yep,good work on the Dragonfly.

Thanks Miggers. The Seafire hasn't moved since I finished it for the Spitfire GB. I'd like to say it's to give me inspiration to finish the Dragonfly. But to be honest there is a significant degree of slothfulness about moving it. I never thought of the shark teeth as a cheesy grin but from this angle it does. In flight mode it's a lot more scary.

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Got some transfers on. A mixture of Modeldecal and Xtradecal with the small 'Royal Navy' cut from a set of Fairey Barracuda transfers. Only the serial to be done now, which is a slow job as it will obviously have to be put together letter/number by letter/number. I will use Xtradecal black numbers to identify it as WG670 from RNAS Lossiemouth Station Flight in the mid 50's



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A bit more done today., serial started, nose wheel and main undercarriage struts on and rotor almost done. Will have to dig out thinner rod for actuator/control rods. Tail rotor ready but I'll wait until the serials are on. Popped rotors on and if you ignore the transparencies it is starting to look the part. Even though I say so myself.



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This is turning into a fine effort, more so given the unpromising nature of the base kit!


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Almost done. Transfers on, I must find a quicker way to do individual serials. I left each one a day between and even then the water caused some already down to move. Tried a 'whoosh' of Kleer on the last couple and that seems to work. Not perfect but looks good to me and I've always wanted one.



Added a tail skid and antenna from Slaters plastic rod.


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