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1/72 - Hirth Lastenträger (resin) & Messerschmitt Bf.109G (AZmodel) in Mistel configuration by Kora Models - released

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So, if my Google-fu hasn't mislead me, this kit is about this subject:


Which is a "cargo glider" that mounted two SC 500 bombs. That seems more a Mistel than a cargo glider as there seems no provision for the landing gear to retract and it most likely was released after takeoff to then be recovered and reused. Looks like a rather "field expedient measure" to find an effective use for 109s as the war dragged on. The "cargo glider" would be made of wood and most likely have very stable flight characteristics particularly in a shallow dive once the 109 had released it. Looking at the illustration that German Aircraft of WWII page, it seems that the clunky pylon connecting the 109 and glider was designed to separate from the glider after the 109 had released. That, and carry a fuel tank to give the 109 sufficient range while hauling all that assembly around. This definitely rates as "Luft-46" subject as I've found nothing about this even getting to a mock-up stage.

Sounds intriguing!

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