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This model has a long story. Actually years before the model, as a teenager in the 80's I kept a binder/scrapbook with every little tidbit about the Stealth Fighter. Folks my age and older will remember a time when the rumors of the Stealth Fighter program in the 70's and 80's was sort of like the rumors of the Loch Ness Monster, yet the rumors were everywhere, consistent and persistent.

Once the F-117 was declassified in late 1988, the word was that, yes, photos had been taken of the Have Blue XST aircraft, and, no, they would NEVER be released to the public.

I remember the wonderful day in the early 1990's when that changed. What an amazing aircraft it was to me. Love at first sight including that bizarre camouflage. I had just been in flight school and my ground school instructor had been a C-141 pilot on the program.

Fast forward to Summer 1994. Saw an advertisement for an injected kit of the aircraft in FineScale Modeler through Squadron Mail Order. Not usually an impulse buyer, I was on the phone the moment I got home with the magazine to order mine! When it arrived I saw how much a handful it would be to make.

And over many years I kept studying the kit wondering how to tackle it. Years turned to a decade. Then more than that.

Finally officially started it in about 2012, 18 years after purchase. A block sander was the most perfect tool for the large facets of the undersides. Brass mesh for the intakes REALLY made a difference in the appearance. Testors/Italeri F-5E landing gear. Lost the canopy, but since it was so horribly molded anyway I was better off making it with clear plastic sheet that had been packaging for something-or-other.

And over three years I struggled with the paint colors. Nothing seemed right. At long last I settled on the following: 36440, 30277, 35237 and black.

The fact that the tails aren't tall enough aren't enough to make me want to redo them...comes a point where you're just glad it's over.

So here she is, very not-perfect but patiently waiting 22 years for her unveiling, the Pegasus 1/72 XST (Experimental Stealth Tactical), Project Have Blue.


Edited by Andrew D Jolly Rogers guy
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You didn't miss much from not having the canopy. Mine was slightly short-shot and also slightly thicker than the bottom of a coke bottle. At least yours is transparent :)

Now all you need is its younger brother to sit beside it.

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A great rendition of an extraordinary aircraft. Despite your trials and tribulations you've ended up with a striking model. I agree with Jessica. Would look great next to an F-117. It's amazing to think that the type has now been retired, such is the speed of aircraft development and technology. And with all the secrecy surrounding its development it makes you wonder what else is out there. Believe it or not the type features in one of the early Tomb Raider computer games where Ms Croft breaks in to 'Area 51' to steal an alien artifact!

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Being an American Last of the Summer Wine fan, I likened the kit canopy to Eli's glasses :D Was GLAD to replace it.

Hello,Andrew from 'Last of the Summer Wine ' land! :) My compliments to you on a fine looking build of 'Have Blue'.A striking scheme and very well achieved. As 'Foggy' would say - "Well done,that man!" ;) All the very best,Paul.

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Nice to see one of these built! I believe it wasn't easy...having one myself on the shelf of doom ;-)

I like your choice of color and will go for the same one, sometime in far future...


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