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So after having stepped away while real life took its toll, I decided to return with a relatively (I hope) easy build for this GB. As such I present Esci's Sea Harrier FRS.1. It took a bit of effort to Hun one down that wasn't going for silly money but in the end I was happy to get my mauly mitts on one.


As you may be able to see, I decided to go with Sidewinders from the Airfix kit, purely because they have some detail on them, while the Esci ones are totally blank. I was also going to add a resin bang seat, but the one I had is too wide for the pit, so I stuck with the kit one instead. Progress so far shown below!


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Welcome to the fun Charlie. Hope things in the real world have settled down for you and I'm looking forward to watching your progress on my all-time favourite aircraft.

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Stalled before I've got very far! Turns out the canopy that came with the kit is actually from a GR5/7/9 series aircraft instead :/ Non to impressed as I'm sure you can imagine. Sorry but I won't be able to finish on time, maybe at all if I can't find a replacement!

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