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Lister 'Knobbly' Jaguar 1/8 scratch

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you've done a fantastic job on this one Roy, it's hard to tell the difference between the model and the real one in some shots, the only giveaway is the 'real shots' have a grey base as opposed to a green one.

Love it!

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coming along beautifully well. 


well done on weathering the tyres in the picture before last...

Are these tyres supposed to be 'Dunlops' ?  if so, i used to race them in the 80's, or very similar. Although they look agressive with the grooves, they would just last about 20 laps on an average F1 length circuit.

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Just caught up with your build again. Thanks for explaining the stained glass stuff.

I love the way you did the seats.

You are creating a real beauty. Keep the pictures coming, Roy.

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Eeepers jeepers you guys.

Incredibly kind words from you.


Nothing much done today - up to the proverbial ear 'ole's as Crimbo is just around the corner.

Hope to get some of the rear end sorted this weekend, then it will be the homeward stretch with the detail bits - lights, windscreen, gear lever, steering wheel, filler caps, badge, etc.

Undecided now whether to put plain un-numbered white roundels on the car, or number it as one of the oldies, or even just leave it green/yellow.



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Heading down the home straight now.


I've added a fuel tank and rear shocks and started sorting the rear wheels and tyres.

Once all 4 wheels are on, the car will stay the 'right' way up.


Front light buckets made, trimmed and painted then fitted.

Fixing rivets still needed though. Bonnet badge added.


Then it will be screen, steering wheel, rear lights, rear mirror and anything else I can't remember...

Hopefully all done by the weekend.












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Many thanks to all those who have followed along with my waffle.

The last bits are being attended to - the car now has wheel spinners and I've altered the rear wheel positioning a tad.

Lots of small bits to make and fit now and the next update will be in the 'finished' section.








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I had a tour of the factory just before I started my model.

Lister were extremely kind, gracious and gave me free-run allowing me to take around 100 pics, make drawings, measurements etc...

They supplied me with the 3D data to get the body master printed and even gave me a gorgeous book of the Lister Jaguar.


Amazing help and kindness.



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