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1/48 Dragon Bf-110 D

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Hi, i'm new here, this is My first post :)

1/48 Bf-110 D, ZG76, North Sea, 1941

built this myself recently from a Dragon kit with a Eduard cockpit PE.


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OK it's better now.

Great work you did there with the "Dackelbauch";

A rarely seen version and very interesting !!!

(I also think that the ammunition drums are perhaps too big).

:goodjob: :goodjob: :goodjob:

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That is a beautifully done airplane. It certainly looks like it's been around a long time and thoroughly used. What a ridiculous aircraft though, how to make an already vulnerable airplane into a deathtrap with that huge fuel tank underneath. Makes you wonder if the designers had really thought things through.

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Really nice job on the Dragon kit and great to see one with the infamous 'Dackelbauch'. Those ammo cans look like 50mm shells so I guess Dragon didn't do their homework again hee hee! This does not of course detract from your beautiful work! :goodjob:

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