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Batmobile Batman v Superman

1:25 Moebius Models



There have been a number of Batman reboots since the original Adam West series of the 1960s. The latest reboot pitches Batman against Superman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and like all the reboots the caped crusader has a Batmobile! This version has a style of its own but with a slight nod to previous versions, particularly the Tumbler car from the Dark Knight films.
The Batmobile is a self-propelled armoured vehicle fitted with an array of weaponry and one or two non-standard extras! BvS Batmobile was designed by Patrick Tatopoulos and Dennis McCarthy and is 20ft long and 12ft wide at the back. Unlike other versions of the Batmobile this one raises and lowers to perform various actions in the film.

As with Ben Afflecks Bat suit there are nods to the original cartoon Batmobile and in the film Bruce Wayne builds the Batmobile himself and this too is portrayed in the shape and style of the vehicle.

The film studio have given a credible back story to the new Batmobile, it has been built single handed in seclusion by the Batman and has earned its reputation as the main predator around the streets of Gotham City. Powered by an unmatched hybrid of prototype military and civilian performance technologies and having military grade armaments, stealth capability and active protection systems.
Some of the basic facts (or should that be fiction) about this new Batmobile include:
Twin 0.50 caliber retractable machine gun turret
Fully armored
Stealth capability
Anti-ballistics system
3.2te in weight
Estimated top speed of 205mph

There are suggestions from the studio that as this incarnation of the Batman develops over a number of films so will the Batmobile develop as Bruce Wayne adapts it with new technologies and gadgets to assist in the fight against crime in Gotham City.

The Kit

On to the model kit, Moebius present this version of the Batmobile in their usual 2 part box, which is a decent size for a 1:25 car kit. On opening the box it is apparent that there is a lot plastic with this kit, the box is rammed! A picture was taken straight away as I wasnt sure I would be able to get it all back in the box and get the lid on![\size]







The kits parts are a grey plastic and arranged on 8 sprues plus a clear sprue and 4 large vinyl tyres. There are no decals with the kit and the instructions are a large format 12 page booklet with the build explained in both pictures and words over 8 stages. The instructions also have a 2 page spread of colour photos of the completed car giving both main and detail paint colours.











































Construction starts with the engine block which comes in 3 parts and sits in the chassis, this is followed by assembly of the rear axle and gearbox. Detail on these parts is scant but as most of it will be hidden once the body work is fitted this is not a major issue. Next up is the front suspension and uprights. Engine bulkheads and side panels are fitted to the chassis next before the front suspension is added.

The wheels and tyres are tackled in stage 3, allegedly the tyres for the film car came from a piece of Iranian farm machinery! Stage 4 adds the wheels and fenders to all four corners of the chassis, as well as headlights and exhausts.

The interior of the car is the subject of stage 5 and is open to a bit of extra detailing if you have the reference pictures available as it is quite sparse, being made up of only 6 parts.
Stage 6 builds up the canopy, the twin machine gun turret and the front wing, the last two of which are fixed to the upper body panel. Stage 7 deals with the two wings that sit over the rear deck of the Batmobile and their intricate spider like supports.

Stage 8 brings all the major sub-assemblies together before adding the canopy as the final part. The canopy is a single piece but in the film it opens in two halves and Moebius have possibly missed a trick here by not giving the builder the option to build it open. That said it would be a fairly easy conversion to make if you wanted too.


Another great kit from Moebius of the latest Batmobile, detail on the mouldings is crisp and panel lines nice. This will build to be a large model and those tyres!!

The only down side for this reviewer is the lack of being able to have the doors open but that should not be a difficult task.






Review sample courtesy of
logo.jpg UK distributors for logo.gif





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Should be fairly easy though it's shades of grey rather than black.

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Oh gawd, they fubared the wheels again..... 

Those ribs on the wheels will dig gouges out of the tyre sidewalls when you put them together, so make sure you fit them from the outside toward the center.

I didn't realize that would happen when I built my Batpod years ago, and ended up with badly torn up tyres.

I went on a full-mental web-rant about it, such that I was contacted by someone at Moebius who kindly offered me a new set of rubber.

I was chagrined, to say the least, and humbly accepted the new bits; but I would think they had learned the lesson and found a better way of skinning the cat.

On the batpod I ended up cutting off the ribs so it wouldn't tear up the second set. Urrrgh!

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