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I have some questions about Jutland in 1/6000 (not a typo)


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Hullo all, very much hoping someone is able to help me on this front. I play naval wargames, because obviously I'm a pretty cool guy, clearly, and I've decided to do some WWI stuff. Dreadnoughts, the salt air, thick choking clouds of coal, etc. For reasons of space and cost, I use 1/6000 scale ships by Figurehead (and also because I have tons of them already for WWII naval gaming), but I simply don't know a lot about either WWI ships or the miniatures for them. Is anyone able to answer a few questions for me?

I'm trying to play out the Battlecruiser action/run to the south at Jutland; for the British I believe this requires the following packs:

1B27 5xQE
1B33 3xLion, 1xTiger
1B32 3xIndefatigable
1B61 Boadicea (represents the visually similar Active-class scout cruiser HMS Fearless of the 1st Destroyer Flotilla)
1B62 Bristol (1 ship)
1B63 Weymouth (2 ships)
1B64 Chatham (2 ships)
1B65 Birmingham, Chester (2 Birminghams, 1 Chester/Birkenhead)
1B66 Arethusa (3 ships)
1B67 Caroline (1 ship)
2 x 1B75 H/I Classes x8ea (9 I-class)
2 x 1B76 K,L,M&R x8ea (12 M-class, 4 L-class)
1B79 Botha, Swft, Talisman, Marksman (2 Talismans)
But I simply don't know enough about the German ships to know what packs I need -- is anyone able to advise?
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