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Eastern Express 1/72 T-34/85 (another distraction)

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So... on Tuesday, whilst waiting for the Bronco tracks for the Crusader to arrive, I decided to take a peek at this...


Instructions.. a little basic


The underlying theme in this kit is flash and slightly misaligned moulds although to be honest there is a lot of detail to be added. I assume this is a short run kit so one can forgive it's shortcomings.

Sprues are already depleted as the kit has been mostly assembled already.


Miniature link and length tracks need lots of cleanup.


And after 2 days..


Base coat of Olive Green (XF-58) applied and wheels painted up.


Wheels on and tracks painted with the displayed paints and drybrushed with the Tamiya Chrome Silver.

The weathering will even them out.


Another build requiring some attention and significant cleanup, am I a glutton for punishment or what? :D

Trying to decide if I'll do a heavily weathered winter camo


Thanks for looking.

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OK, so I'm not sure if it was the misaligned moulds causing me to trim off too much or these link and length tracks just don't fit but after an evening's battle I was left with this





and more gaps


So I'm thinking there is going to be a considerable amount of mud on these tracks and running gear.

On the up side I think the postie tried to deliver my Bronco tracks for the Crusader today.

I shall rush to the depot tomorrow morning with the little red card clutched in my hands and find out :thumbsup:

Cheers for looking


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With the Crusader done attention turned to trying to finish this miniature monster.

The Upper and lower hulls were assembled (after much fettling) and a quick coat of Mr Super Clear Matt applied.

Started the decals which promptly fell apart (wasn't surprised considering the condition of the sheet) so I wasn't able to use the turret stripe decal.

Managed to salvage two of the numbers, two of the stars and one symbol for the fender.

I hand painted the white stripe as these were usually field applied and often looked pretty rough (which suited me just fine :D)





Now to weather it to within an inch of it's life

Cheers for looking

Phil :thumbsup2:

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Well, I can confirm that a layer of mud does cover a multitude of sins :D

I shall be calling this one also done (except for a base/diorama which is a work in progress)

Flory Dark wash, strategic, heavily thinned XF-1 for the grills and a light drybrush of Vallejo Steel (my current favourite go-to for worn metal effects) on the uppers and Vallejo Thick Mud for the tracks and running gear.

I shall post up some better quality RFI pictures once the base is done.





I don't think I'll be doing any more Eastern Express kits for a while (unless this one was just particularly bad and I learn they are normally ok)

Comments, suggestions and constructive criticisms always welcome.

Cheers all

Phil :thumbsup2:

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This is actually one of their better small scale AFV kits.....The early ones were reboxed AER! :shutup:

Apparently their GAZ-67 is very good, but I've not built one. :nerd:

You've done a really good job with a pretty tricky build and the mud definitely does the trick on the tracks. :thumbsup:

If you fancy a 1/72 AFV kit that's a bit more up to date, try something from MaCo or Flyhawk.....Dragon can be good too, but it's always best to check reviews: http://www.onthewaymodels.com/

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Just a quick addition as I got carried away and did the base too, so here it is.





Thanks again for looking.

I'll post an RFI when I've got some better shots taken and the base has dried properly :D

Phil :thumbsup2:

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