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EX518. 1:48 Nieuport 11 Express Mask.

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EX518. 1:48 Nieuport 11 Express Mask.


Released to accompany the Nieuport 11 kit is a set of masks in Kabuki tape.
A distinguishing feature of many Ni-11's was the painted edging applied to wings and tails. This set makes simple work of masking it up, with full size shapes to apply to the wings and tails. Both upper and lower masks are supplied, as the edging went around all edges. A pair are also supplied for the rudder, and finally the wheel centres, and the windscreen.



I have always found that spraying gives the best results, with kabuki tape giving the sharpest and best result possible. This set will make light work of what would otherwise be a difficult and time consuming masking job.

Also reviewed, The Nieuport 11 Weekend edition kit

Highly Recommended.


Review sample courtesy of


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