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1:48 Super Etendard - on hold. Do you still want it?


AMK's plans for a SuE are on hold while other projects are finished off  

190 members have voted

  1. 1. Will you buy one (or more) if they continue with the project in due course?

    • Yes
    • No
    • Possibly, but I'll wait & see how good it is
    • I've no interest in the SuE, but I'd like to vote anyway so I feel like I've participated

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As I mentioned in the other thread and some others have mentioned here, if you pursue it I'd probably buy one even though I've already got a Kinetic one, if you are able to engineer the kit, so that earlier IVM & IVP versions can be built then I'd probably buy 3 or more.

Brief? It's been in service for nearly 40 years!

I think Tiger331 is talking about AMK not the Etendard.

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Brief? It's been in service for nearly 40 years!

Sorry, it maybe be bad phrasing on my part - I was referring to AMK as a kit manufacturer NOT the Super Etendard's in service record !

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I see it like this.

There are kits currently available for the SuE. Those that are conversant with the type have pointed out numerous errors with those kits.

AMK have a chance to not make the same errors and make a better kit. Furthermore, AMK's production and presentation impresses me and I hanker for the time to make both the 1/48th Magister and 1/72nd Delfin.

If it bothers you, you could live with the errors of the other kits, others won't be able to live with that, some of those errors may be readily correctable, some might not and may require expensive after market upgrades... ...so there you are a couple of years down the line saying "When will somebody bring out a SuE that corrects the errors of kits ABC and XYZ"?

You've got a chance now that you may not have later.

It does of course put a lot of pressure on AMK not to blow it!

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I definitely would buy a couple of AMK Super Etendard kits! I am still hoping, that AMK will bless us with an excellent Super Etendard in 1:48, which would offer detail parts considering the different modernisation stages starting with the legacy SUE of the 70s and 80s to the last stage of updated SEM.

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I think this is just typical business model, companies have to react to the market. Nothing really lost as research will be saved until the time it is needed. Could you imagine how many projects more established manufacturers have sitting on the selves?

I'm not sure I would buy every product AMK produces but I know I am more than likely to buy something from them sight unseen.

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Well Martin if I were you, taking competition from Kittyhawk, Kinetic and GWH into account, in the next few years I would focus on more mainstream types or better said subjects with better worldwide coverage. S.Etendard - yes but wait a few years and for starters try to corner other players.

My list would be

1. Mirage 2000C, 2000-5 etc...Kinetic has numerous deficiancies

2. Mirage F.1C etc... same as above

3. Buccaneer

4. F-4C-F ....

5. F-5A/B/C and E/F

Congrats on MiG-31....and hope 25 will be as good :goodjob:

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And of course applying the old adge Kinetic (or insert company of your choice) kits don't make money for AMK. Whoose Magister and Kfir still selling.

Just for interest does anyone have a link or knowledge of market share for model companies

At least one for me.



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I voted YES.

I won't buy the KH one and out of Kinetic and AMK I'd always choose the AMK version. That maybe personnel preference but thats how I see it



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My first post on Britmodeller will be to follow the topic,

As far as I'm concerned, and as long as the quality of the AMK's SuE would be the same as the previous kit I have purchased so far (Kfir and L-29)...

I would buy at least two models. And I'm sure, not to buy kinetic one, as I don't place those brand's work on the same level...

My own mind...

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