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French Light Tank AMX-13 Tracks for Tamiya/Heller (1:35 with & without rubber)

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French Light Tank AMX-13 Tracks for Tamiya/Heller (with & without rubber)
1:35 Takom


After their work on their recent range of AMX-13 kits, Takom have used their research to create two aftermarket styrene sets of tracks for the new Tamiya and older Heller kits that came before. One set has standard tracks with the usual pattern, while the other has a different design with rubber track-pads for use on tarmac and hard ground.

Each set comes in a small cardboard box with the contents tucked inside in a ziplok bag, and a small slip of paper forming the instructions for the track-padded version. Conveniently, there is just enough space to advertise the three AMX-13 variants offered by Takom on the back of the box in case you want more variants of this French Light Tank for your collection.

AMX-13 Tracks with rubber (03.01.2061)
These tracks are provided on short runs, some of which have been folded over to fit in the box, others having snapped at the weakest points – the sprue gates. The track links have their rubber pads separately on the same sprue, so in total you will be cleaning up five sprue gates per link. The pads have two pins on the back that locate into the link, with the pins offset so that it would be difficult to get them the wrong way around. The good news is that there are no ejector pin marks to remove, so once you've got the sprue gates dealt with, it should be plain sailing. There are ten sprues in the box with 180 links in total, give or take a few for my poor maths.


AMX-13 Tracks without rubber (03.01.2060)
These are different links without the rubber pads, so the detail is portrayed across the full width of the track instead. Again there are ten sprues containing 180 links, no ejection pin marks, and only three sprue gates to clean up per link.


A useful upgrade to your Tamiya or Heller kit's rubber-band tracks, although the new ones aren't of the easier click-link type, so you'll need your glue handy. Simply construct a run with liquid glue, and while it is still malleable wrap it around the sprockets and hold the run in place with tape or by packing the spaces to achieve the correct shapes. Having built up short runs of both sets for this review, I can confirm that as long as you keep hold of the small parts firmly, the clean-up and construction process isn't too difficult, just time consuming as you'd expect. They do look good once built up though, so it's worth the effort.

Review sample courtesy of
logo.gifUK Distributors for logo.gif

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