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Revell 1:72 Vought F4U-4B Corsair (03955)

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Revell 1:72 Vought F4U-4B Corsair, Naval Air Reserve Training Unit, U.S.Navy, Jacksonville, Florida, June 1954 (03955)

Revell released the F4U-1A as a new tooled kit in 2014 as kit number 03983. At the time given the breakdown of the parts and gates was a strong indication that further options were going to be offered. This F4U-4B version was released earlier this year primarily with new cowls, prop and guns. It's quite possible other options (including clipped wing versions) will appear in the future.

I'm not a rivet counter by any means but one glaring omission is that they have retained the six cartridge eject ports on the underside of the wing for the four 20mm cannon this airframe was equipped with. Some "4" retained the M/G's and they are included in the kit but as markings are only supplied with this version some aftermarket decals would have to be sourced.

Having said that, this oversight does not cause me too much heartache as long it looks like a The prototype then I'm content. So here she is brush painted throughout in Revell Aquacolor and completely OOB.








An eminently buildable kit that is highly recommended but if you are wanting complete accuracy then a little work and research will be required. If you are not too bothered it builds up into a good representation of the prototype.

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Makes me want to get one! I like your model and pragmatic review. The Corsair, like the Wildcat, seems to attract punditry like wasps to an open jam jar.


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Very beautiful Corsair !

The finish, this wonderful bright Navy blue is really stunning.

Great work !!!

:mike: :mike:

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John , I love the F4U4 Corsair and the US Navy Reserve markings really set it off. It looks to be an improvement over the old Matchbox -4 and enough like a Corsair for me.


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Great build!

At least this Corsair has got fabric on the outer wing panels, unlike the Italeri -4...

Lovely reserve markings.



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