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Washington B.1 - 1/48 Monogram B-29

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Just glad I followed you on this one and you made it through to the end.


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Thank you very much to the recent commenters, thanks for taking the time to post your kind observations. :)

I'm about to start one as 'Kee Bird' so I have been reading your WIP thread for ideas...


Very much hope it comes in useful. That was one of my aspirations for the build to encourage others to take the plunge and build the big beast!

Awesome! How many gallons of Alclad did you use? My airbrush looks like it's using afterburner when I spray that expensive liquid.

Thanks MD. It didn't take that much, the coats were so thin. Less than a quarter of a bottle of Airframe Alu, and about 1/5 bottle of Polished Alu. Still got loads left!


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