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Cleaners, Paints and Powders


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Cleaners, Paints and Powders
Alclad II


Alclad have been around for a while now and they continue to improve and build their product range. Here we look at a new cleaner, paint, wash and weathering powder.

The new airbrush cleaner is designed to be used after using other Alclad II products. If it’s anything like other Alclad II products you will need to keep your mask on when using this. As to what’s actually in it there is no information on their website, on anywhere else for that matter, but I imagine there’ll be some Xylene and acetone, much like other cleaner of its type. It does state on the label that it is not to be used as a thinners.


The new paint range, Mil-Spec, has been made to be used straight from the bottle with no thinners required. Whilst I only have the matte black, it does spray very nicely and does indeed go a very satisfying matt finish.


Another new range is the Warpigs Hogwash. Once again to be used straight from the bottle using a brush. The wash is then left for a bit before the excess is cleaned off with a cotton bud. According to the bottle it stays malleable for 36 hours. The dirt and grime we have here looks pretty good, but I haven’t had a chance to use it yet, but have to models on the bench that could do with dirtying up.


The new weathering powders are also in the Warpigs range and we have been sent the Dust powder. The dust is contained in a re-sealable 20ml plastic pot, and is very fine indeed, so be careful when opening. Just dab a small amount onto a brush or pad the ever shake to brush onto the model. Seal using you preferred varnish.


Four very useful products that give some idea to what the rest of the new ranges are like. Just ensure you use a good facemask when using the cleaner and paint. Highly recommended.

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