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Airbrush Cleaners


Two new items just in from Premi-Air, Airbrushes.com own brand, to help keep your airbrushes in tip top condition, even if you’ve been lax enough to let paints dry within the tip. The first is a Foaming Cleaner whilst the second is a much stronger product called Airbrush Liquid Reamer.

The Foaming Cleaner is designed to be used as an end of session cleaner for extra thorough cleaning away of water-based products, such as alkali soluble acrylics. Using the straw provided, you can direct the foam at the airbrush nozzle and front components where the bottle attaches when using bottom feed airbrushes. If you use a gravity feed airbrush, then you can direct the straw down through the cup. The foam then expands throughout the airbrush components, and after five minutes or so you just spray warm water through the airbrush.


The Airbrush Liquid Reamer is also an end of session cleaner, but for use with solvent and oil based products. Used in the same way as the Foaming Cleaner, I would advise users to have their mask on as it does contain some nasty stuff, namely Xylene and acetone. If you haven’t cleaned out you airbrush thoroughly you can leave the product in longer until it has eaten its way through the gunk. If you’ve left it a really long time it may take a few goes to clean it out properly.


Both of these product are a must have in your modelling tool kit. Be careful when using the foaming cleaner as a little goes a long way and you wouldn’t want to cover the bench in foam. The reamer worked really well on a couple of my airbrushes that I thought I’d clean, but apparently not quite well enough. Very highly recommended

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