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Coastal Craft History Volume 3, Fairmile D MTB/MGB/FPB


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Coastal Craft History Volume 3
Fairmile D MTB/MGB/FPB

Coastal Craft Histories


This is the latest volume from Coastal craft, entitled The Fairmile D MGB/MTB/FPB. The book continues the landscape format allowing authors the space for the excellent side views. As usual the profiles, based on those by John Lambert and text are by Mark Smith with the editor being Neil Robinson.

This volume has a selection of the kits and accessories that Coastal Craft sell, along with a short forward accompanied by three period photographs of MTB 731. There then follows the history of the Fairmile Company and their earlier boats, followed by four pages on the Fairmile D design, covering the following sections:-

  • Design
  • Fairmile D hulls
  • Engines
  • Torpedoes and Depth Charges
  • Armament
  • Colour Schemes


Each of these sections of text surround the profiles on the first six pages, there is then a break in the text for some of the larger profiles before beginning again from page 12 through to page 16. The next thirty one pages return to the larger profiles which show the many and various colour schemes used on particular boats. Each of the full colour profiles, some with plan views are beautifully drawn, and comes with information and history about the particular boat, as well as the colours used. There are also useful notes on the references used if the modeller would like to go further in their research.


The Fairmile D has to be my favourite type of British boat, I don’t know quite why, but it may be the power of their armament, their sturdiness or the fact that they could, and did take on the German S Boats with some success. This volume is filled with well drawn profiles and information that will be great for modellers or Dog Boat aficionados alike. Very highly recommended.


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