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Paul A H

Photo Etch Detail Sets for Frog/Novo HMS Ashanti and HMS Torquay kits - 1:700 Atlantic Models

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Photo Etch Detail Sets for Frog/Novo HMS Ashanti and HMS Torquay kits

1:500 Atlantic Models


Maritime specialists Atlantic Models are back with a couple of their excellent photo etch detail sets, this time for a couple of classic kits from the pages of modelling history. Both of these sets have been designed to cater for kits originally released by legendary brand FROG namely their Tribal Class destroyer, HMS Ashanti, and their Whitby Class frigate, HMS Torquay. Both are 1:500 scale and both have been released a number of times over the years, by FROG, Novo and latterly the Donetsk Toy Factory. Although neither kit is currently in production, they should be fairly easy to find from second hand kit dealers or your favourite online auction site.

Inside each of the white envelopes is a single fret of thin, flexible brass, well protected by card and the substantial instructions. The instructions are clearly printed on A4 paper, with clear labelling of parts and very good placement diagrams. One feature I particularly like about Atlantic Model's instructions is that they provide a detailed breakdown of each and every part. This gives the reassurance that they have really done their homework as well as providing a useful reference for the modeller.

HMS Ashanti

1:500 Atlantic Models


Taking the Tribal Class destroyer first, you get a single fret of parts which include all of the usual essentials such as railings, ladders, chains, anchors and boat davits. Also included are parts for the anti-aircraft armament, including the Vickers 0.5" quad machine gun mounts, the four barrelled Pom Poms and the 20mm Oerlikons. A full range of radar antenna are included, which is handy as these are the sort of details that simply can't be replicated in chunky plastic (and especially not chunky plastic moulded in the 1960s). Rather surprisingly, parts for three different types of masts are included. Not only do you get parts for both the British and Canadian late fit lattice masts, you also get parts to upgrade the early tripod mast included with the kit. Finishing touches include details for the depth charge gear, funnel cap and search light platforms.


HMS Torquay

1:500 Atlantic Models


The second fret is for FROG's HMS Torquay frigate, a ship that would have been quite modern when FROG released their kit. As before, all of the generic parts such as railings, ladders, chains and boat davits are all provided. The Mk.5 Twin Bofors mounting is provided, along with other parts for the aft superstructure such as the main lattice mast. An alternative 'early' version for the main mast is also included. The auxiliary conning platform is present and correct, alongside are complex foremast assembly which includes the mast itself as well as the radar array and antennas for the Type 293 and LW-02 radars. This will perhaps be the most challenging part of the build, but the end result will be well worth it.



It's always a nice surprise to see a firm like Atlantic Models releasing upgrade sets for long-neglected classic kits such as FROG's Royal Navy warships. Both sets are as comprehensive and high quality as you would expect, and Atlantic should be commended for including alternative parts to further enhance the opportunities that these kits offer. Highly recommended.

Review sample courtesy of logo.gif

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