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klingon bird of prey 1/350 Star Trek

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Just got my re-released bird of prey from the states boxed in fiftieth anniversary packaging, for a princely sum of £36 inc p&p.

Its the updated release complete with metal undercarriage and associated bits.

Had a look in the box and wiped away the drool LOL, a bird sitting on its behind is very appealing for something a bit different to display, possibly painting HMS bounty on the side.

All the best chris

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Ok chaps heres some photos;

Box art front, dont be fooled the box is smaller than the original box but the kit is still the same size.


Box rear with bird sitting


bagged shots



it comes with a lovely stand with a metal pole, lot better than original stand


close up of metal undercart, the kit comes with alternative parts for foot wells and a boarding ramp


The kit has had a number of incarnations and wrong scales on the boxes starting at 1/650 original release, she is 1/350 and the right size for display with the 1/350 enterprise.

As requested Dave heres some pics of the Romulan Warbird, again dont be fooled, it comes in the adversary 3 kit boxing or is available on its own, a lot of people think its a bigger kit, its not its simply a re boxing of of this kit as the ferengi marauder and smaller klingon bird of prey are available seperately.

Heres a link thats helpful with all the re-incarnations of star trek kits, its not 100% accurate but is close as there are a handful of omissions, you can trace the history of each kit, very helpful.




The Warbird is approximately 10 inches (250mm ) across, heres a comparison shot against ferengi and klingon included.


So as a word of advice buy the adversay set rather than the singletons, the boxed kingon and ferengi rrp for about £17, the warbird rrp £40, the adversary set rrp £23, i luckily picked up my original release for £15.

All the best Chris

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