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Air Combat From WW1 to the Present Day


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Air Combat From WW1 to the Present Day
Amber Books Ltd


This is the first of three titles in this collection which were originally released in 2008, this one was originally released as Air Warfare. With all that has gone on, with the improvements to equipment and the advanced technology incorporated, not to mention the conflicts and wars that have occurred since then, this book has been updated. Even with these updates, the speed with which new platforms have been introduced means that they fall slightly short of what is available to the worlds air forces today.



With that said, this is actually a very good read, and is full of useful information, some great photography; the subjects of which I have not seen before. Add to that, some nicely produced colour plates in the over three hundred pages contained in this hardback cover. This title seems to be most up to date of the three, with the addition of the B-2, F-22 and even the F-35 and the general global war on terror, and the modern day section is definitely biased to the Western allied air forces, as there is no mention of the Russian and Chinese equipment.


Whilst not quite at the forefront of historical and modern warfare publications this book does make for some interesting reading. Some of the photographs will make for useful references for modellers, particularly for those that like to incorporate their models into dioramas. But it may be too general for some readers.


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