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Anyone use Infinite Flight?


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Been using this app on iPad for a year or so now, granted there's plenty in-app purchases but it's a superb iPhone/iPad simulator.

A good mix with plenty heavy civvy jets, couple of fast jets, Spit and some smaller commercial and private aircraft. Wide selection of areas around the world and plenty airports. Scenery and buildings is not great at all but flying and handling more than makes up for this.

They added a Q400 Dash 8 recently and have spent a fair bit of the past fortnight having fun doing some STOL landings in and out of Brize Norton!

Worth a look if you want a fun and portable sim.


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I have it on both my phones, but the physics are messed up for some reason. While going thru the free training, it invariably puts the plane into either a dive that can't be recovered from (see F-4) or some other mission that can't be completed because of the same issue. I started on my android, then installed on my iphone 7+ just to see if it had the same issue or was phone specific, but had the exact same result, could never recover from even the most shallow dive, it would always fly into the ground. Gave up, now I use mainly RORTOS flight sims, not quite as pretty as infinite, but a lot more control friendly and fun challenges.


Check that, I might be thinking of X-plane. But infinite flight had some issues with physics as well, and is costly, I would rather put what limited money I have into modeling gear.

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