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RAF Aldergrove film 1940

Pete in Lincs

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Speaking to my mum last night and she worked with someone she believed flew at Aldergrove during the war in the civil service after it. She thinks it was Hurricanes. The name she thinks was Robert Surgenor. Bit off a long shot but name might be worth researching with regards Aldergrove. Newtownards airfield was where the Lysanders of the army co- operation squadrons were based it was also famously the airfield which Ribbentrops Ju52 flew to when he visited Lord Londonderry before the war at Mount Stewart. Believe their are plenty of the Ju 52 pictures online. That would definately be one to model. Newtownards Airfield was also bombed during the Blitz on Belfast numerous pill boxes still remain dotted round the airfield

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