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1/72 - CASA C-212 Aviocar - by Special Hobby


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source: http://modelforum.cz/viewtopic.php?f=97&t=77712&start=720#p1880503

"Dalšími v pořadí nejbližšími rozpracovanými projekty (ono je toho docela hodně) je moderní dvoumotorák s vrtulemi a druhoválečná stíhačka."

next project is a twin-engine modern aircraft with propellers

And next is WW2 fighter


"ne, nebude to Turbolet, lítá to nebo lítalo na západ od nás (a na jih, sever a možná i na východ)"

No, not L-410 Turbolet. It flies or flew to the west of Czech Republic (and to the south, north and maybe to the east)

type is still secret

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Could be almost everything. Too many two-engine aircrafts to the West of Prague.

Maybe a Sherpa or any of its Shorts predecessors? Or newish Bronco?

Another guess - Q400 - but that seems not to be in the interest area of MPM/SH.

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This shows the wide spread of peoples' interests, but I think we knew that already. How many of the types above count as "modern"? Designed/first flew 60 or more years ago? Come on... Just restricting to the last 30 years (in design terms) must reduce the possibilities markedly.

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A Viscount taxiing, 2&3 still turning.

:yahoo: This reminds me a story from 1942, when after a 1000-bomber raid on Cologne a flak-damaged Wellington happily reached England, but - unable to reach her home base due to the low fuel - applied to land at one of the Halifax (or Stirling) bases. Hearing radio talks the Wimpy pilot realized, that phrase "I have only 3 engines running" helps the heavily damaged a/c landing first. So - running out of fuel - he made a desperate scream "only TWO engines running" and received the answer "you may panacake NOW, over".

And after all it was true - he couldn't be accused for lying.



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