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First camera. So many options. HELP!

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Now I'm getting older I'm finding I'm taking more photos but all on my phone or tablet with the obvious limitations.

The only camera I've ever owned was a Fuji Finepix S2500HD which was pretty awful especially indoors and my phone and tablet take better pictures than that.

I have a very limited budget of £100 but am more than happy to buy second hand with age not being a concern.

I'd like to be able to take good pictures of my 72nd and 48th scale aircraft models and be able to take it outside for snapping wildlife. So really an all rounder.

I've looked at a few bridge cameras and like the idea of a point and click with no hassle of lens changing. I have seen some older DSLRs around the same price point but am concerned about having to learn to use it and having to change lenses. Can you have just one multipurpose lens and are they easy to use?

I'm also assuming that a compact isn't worth considering because of their limited functionality?

Thanking you all in advance, James.

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This may help guide you or maybe not.

I use an old Fuijipix S5600 for my model photos. I bought it second hand for about £35.

It has programme, aperture priority, shutter priority etc. I can set the aperture in 1/3 stops for model use

I have it permanently set up with a screw on close-up lens [and a couple of other ones to hand] and set for the lighting system I use.

The resolution of the Fuji is 5m pixies, but they get reduced way down when photos are posted in forums.

I have a Canon 50D DSLR for my motorsport photos. I sometimes, but rarely, use it for model photos. Its facilities just aren't needed so its kept really just for other work.

The Fuji sometimes comes with me as an emergency back-up. It has a 10x optical zoom so its reach is pretty good. Buts its pants at catching action, no good at motorsports or airshows.

Taken with the Fuji;


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For £100, I would go for a second hand Bridge camera, for indoor stuff you will need either a tripod, or a beanbag (if money doesn't allow) to get the best out of it, especially if lighting is poor.

I have a Bridge camera, along side my DSLR stuff and although I don't use it much, it's more than good enough producing good results.

If you can stretch your budget a bit further, a EOS M is a good camera (can be had for £99 second hand). Same sensor as a amateur level DSLR (18 megapixel 1.6crop sensor), but the only limitation is the largest lens is 18-55mm, no good for wildlife, but you can get a EF-EOS-M adaptor for about £40-50 and then fit EF lenses, which means you could get a cheap 70-300mm to fit... but all this would add up to about £200, double your budget.

I'll get some photos later in the garden and of a model with my Bridge camera and post them up.

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I agree with Radleigh, a tripod is a must.

The above photo was taken with the camera on a light-weight tripod I bought from an ebay seller at a cost of about £10

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