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1/72 AZ Model Messerschmitt Bf-109 G-10 "Yellow 19/JG 52"

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here's another 1/72 AZ Model Bf-109 from my workbench, finished in late April.

I used Brengun photo etch for various details and Master Model gun barrels and pitot tube.

Decals are from AZ's boxing, the model was painted with Gunze/Mr.Hobby acrylics.

Weathering with artists' oils.

Photographs by Mr. Wofgang Rabel of IGM Cars & Bikes, thank you!


The fuselage crosses, as supplied by AZ Model, already have colored insides;

these colors never match with my paints.

Therefore, I spray my own color and use hollow white crosses as replacement:


Thanks for lookin'.

Have a good day!

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wow - but mate, this cannot be 1/72 - must be at least 1/48. Seriously, looks great. Hope one day my 1/48 models look as good as your 1/72. The painting/weathering is top notch.

BTW: how is the kit?



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BTW: how is the kit?




AZ Model's Bf-109 series is one of the more advanced short-run-kits.

Detail on small parts is sharp, there's no flesh or misformed parts.

While their G-6 has almost no fit issues, the G-10 cockpit floor is oversized and needs to be trimmed.

Apart from that little glitch, the kit goes together smoothly.

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