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Revell 1/35 Soviet BTR-70

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Hey all :)

I present my first fully completed project vehicle. This a 1/35 Revell BTR-70 I've had sitting on my for years windowsill for years as a three-tone GDR version. After a foray into respraying an old T-80 in Olive Green, and discovering it has a bang-on Soviet armour look, I decided to recolour my BTR. I then used some old decals from a Tamiya T-62 (I don't know how accurate the combination is), and put to use some old desert Mig Pigments in my first attempt to weather up some armour (my first successful attempt was a Y-Wing).

I have some old Dragon Motor Rifle Troops as well, which need a bit of tidying up to go with it. The cardboard I have it resting on has me thinking of a simple dusty base for it, roughly the same size as the vehicle. The vehicle itself is missing the odd component. I think I have the parts somewhere but, couldn't be bothered to find them, lol. Going to add a tiny bit of stowage that I have that would suit a Russian vehicle, namely a single Jerry can that differs from the rest (I don't know what it was from originally), and maybe a sleeping roll or two and a folded tarp. Overall, I think it turned out quite well. I did worry that it looked a bit heavy at first, but it seems to have worked out :)

Looking forward to any thoughts you guys have :D










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That looks great Gaz! Very impressive weathering. :thumbsup:

Kind regards,


That looks great Gaz. I love the dusty look, perfect for an Afghan BTR


Looks good. Your refinishing skills are top notch

Thank you for the kind words, Stix, Andy, Yeoman :D Edited by GazB
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Really good work and weathering- I assume you applied the decals before weathering?

Thank you, Flash :thumbsup:

I did indeed. Clear coat, decals, clear coat, wash, matt coat, pigments :)

Fan-tas-tic,realy like this,bit of menace,nice one

Thanks, Arachnid :D

You've done a great job on that kit, is the Revell kita re-pop of the old Dragon kit?

Thank you very much :D

Though I can't be sure, I believe it may be a rebox of a Zvezda kit :)

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chances are that it is a ddragon kit if Zvezda had it as they are know for Dragon reboxing of kits

I was surprised at how many kits are reboxed :)

Thanks for the info, Phantom :D

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