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Another which airbrush question..... sorry.

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I can't help myself, I'm enjoying myself so much after starting the hobby in January I keep buying stuff!

Next on the list is an airbrush.

I'm modelling aircraft in 72nd and 48th scale and using Gunze acrylics. Currently have an AS-18 compressor which I'll be upgrading to a tanked compressor.

Current airbrush is an Iwata Neo with .35 nozzle

Looking at spending around £120 for a new one. Will I see a big difference from what I'm currently using?

Would be nice to hear from someone who has tried several different brushes.

Thanking you all in advance, James.

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The popular choice for that painting type and price range is the Harder & Steenbeck Evolution Silverline 2in1.

You get three paint cups, 5ml for area, 2ml for normal work and 0.5mm internal for fine detail, (similar cups to the Neo).

You also get two different nozzle sets, 0.2mm will paint down to about 1mm up to about 13mm, and the area 0.4mm which will paint 3mm up to about 25mm. It also has a preset handle on the back which is useful for pre-shading and details work.

You can add larger paint cups and go to the finer 0.15mm nozzle set or larger 0.6mm nozzle set, so a fairly flexible brush configuration.

Changing the needle nozzle set is about 10-20 seconds. The brush strips for cleaning without any special tools and the nozzle is a compression fit one that is big enough to hold to clean and can also be back flushed to clean any gunk out.

Price is £129 & is our most popular brush..We also supply a H&S workshop DVD and set of airbrush cleaning brushes FOC with brushes.

Is that the sort of thing you were looking for ?

Will you see a big difference, only you can say for sure, but my customers often recommend them to their friends.




I have them on my stand at shows for people to try out.

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I moved from the Neo to the Silverline just recently and the Silverline is worlds ahead of the Neo.

I went for the 0.2 needle size and the fancy infinity nozzle cap, I have sprayed all sorts through it, Alclad, game air, model air, Tamiya, Lifecolours, wood floor polish, halfords car primer and I have not had a single problem with any of them. Keeping it all clean so much easier than the Neo as well.

The only thing the Siliverline suffers from and its only my mistake technique that causes it, if you let the air stop before the paint and then pull back on the air and paint at the same time, it will splatter a little.

I think the Siilverline is a great airbrush but I only have the Neo to compare it to.

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